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Diverse - English - Twins baptized

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Cecilia and Rebecka baptized in Solna church Feb 21, 2009


Waiting for the ceremony to start - Gustav wants to know what's going on


Priest saying nice things about the girls

Rebecka blessed

Rebecka is blessed

...and Christened

... and christened Rebecka Märta Vie


Rebecka carried around for the audience to admire

Cecilia's turn

And then it's Cecilia's turn ...

Cecilia Christened

...to be christened Cecilia Tekla Lilly

Godfathers and godmothers

The godfathers carrying candles and the godmothers with the girls

Gustav and Julius showing off

Then we had lunch... Gustav and Julius showing off

No hands

"Look, no hands!"

The family

Cecilia and Rebecka with their proud parents

One laughing, one serious

Cecilia laughing and Rebecka more serious, as they always are.


One last picture of the cuties in their skirts in Seton dress tartan.

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